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Friday 6th September 2002

Latest Phone message from Anne Rice:

"Hi this Anne Rice, it's August 30th, 2002, another one of those beautiful summer days in New Orleans; but it's wretchedly hot outside, probably. I don't have any way of knowing from inside this house because the walls are 18 inches thick. I wish I had good news today, but I don't have really good news when it comes to us and Stanley. Let me just mention some answers to questions first: My novel BLACKWOOD FARM will be out at the end of October. Unfortunately, I've had to cancel my tour for the novel, so I won't be seeing you guys in all the different cities, as I had planned. I'm real excited about BLACKWOOD FARM, it's the most Southern novel I've written since THE WITCHING HOUR, really, and my heart and soul are in it. I just feel really strongly about it. Some novels I feel better about than others. BLOOD AND GOLD was a very grim novel, I was proud of it; but somehow or another I feel more proud of BLACKWOOD FARM. Anyway, it's coming. And as I told you in my last message, "The Witching Hour" is scheduled to be an NBC miniseries. They are working on the script now. John Wilder, my beloved John Wilder, is working on the script. It's 12 hours and it will be on NBC prime-time, when it finally comes to television. I'm very excited about that project. I'm also very excited about John doing the script.

Now let me get to the dark shadow that has entered our lives, with which we have to cope. I could say these things vaguely, I could just imply, I could just keep silent, I could just let people speculate "Why did she cancel her whole tour?", I could say nothing...but I'd rather just tell you and ask for your prayers. Stan, my beloved husband of 40 years, the man I have been married to for two-thirds of my life, is very ill. The culprit is a brain tumor. A very serious brain tumor, that starts it's growth right above the spinal cord and goes up the top of the brain, and now apparently there is a second tumor forming on the other side of the brain. Stan has opted for very aggressive treatment with radiation and chemotherapy, and of course we are praying that this will work, and knock out this tumor, and Stan will be able to go on with his poetry and his painting. But, this is a very serious illness, and I ask for your prayers. I ask all of you please to pray. I, of course, am praying for Stan. And Stan is wonderfully courageous about this. Nobody knows, really, what might happen. Nobody knows what the prognosis is for something like this. A person can have a very short time with this illness, or may go on for years and years. And sometimes there's a total cure. It's a real unknown. Anyway, Christopher, our son, is home with us, and we're all working things out with regard to Stan's treatment. My tour I've had to cancel, as I've said, I can't leave Stan at a time like this.

I send you my love. Keep calling and leaving me messages, I love to hear from you guys. I love to hear your movie recommendations, I love to hear your t.v. show recommendations, I just love to hear from you. All your messages get to me, don't think that they don't. You're most welcome to log onto . The transcript of this message will appear on and I'll try to get more messages on the website soon. I'm advertising the website in a number of new publications as to try to reach new readers. I want to reach them, frankly, I don't think there is an author alive who doesn't want to reach new readers with their books. I love hearing from you. Take care everybody. Bye bye."



Thursday 8th August 2002

Some  screenshots  from the DVD menus


Monday 5th August 2002

Following link gives a few Clips about the "Making of" the Soundtrack and the concert scenes.

these clips will probably be on the DVD as well.

Here is the website  with the clips (you will need the Windows Media Player)


2 New Anne Rice Phone Messages are online


Wednesday 24th July 2002

Now you can order QOTD on DVD and VHS.

DVD Special Features:

* Commentary with Director, Producer and Composer
* "Aaliyah Remembered" Featurette
* "The Music of Lestat" Featurette
* "Creating the Vampires" Featurette
* Lestat Music Videos ("Redeemer", "Forsaken", "System")
* Static X Music Video ("Cold")
* Extended Concert Sequences ("Slept So Long", Not Meant For Me")
* "Unseen" - Additional Scenes
* Gag Reel
* Production Book Stills Gallery
* Trailer
* Languages: English and French (Dubbed in Quebec)
* Subtitles: English, French and Spanish

The VHS contains the featurette "Aaliyah Remembered" and 2 additional scenes.
Available to own on DVD and Videocassette
August 27, 2002.


In the moment I am totally revamping the site.

Give me another week and you will get a complete new site design with

a lot of new sections and goodies.



Wednesday 12 June 2002

Worldwide Release Date for VHS and DVD is August 27th.


The Lyrics  for the Soundtrack


Monday 8th April 2002

Last weekend QOTD was released in  Australia and Germany 

Reuters/Variety report:

-The vampire film "Queen of the Damned" scared up a pleasing $830,000 on 164 screens in Australia, including previews, hyped by its Aussie director Michael Rymer. (The film was shot in Melbourne and co-produced by Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros.)

In Germany, the vampire tale came in at No. 4, taking an estimated $685,000 on 488 prints.-


US Boxoffice History : Total $ 30.004.445

Weekend Pl. Weeks Screens  WE Gross($) $ per screen
22.02.2002-24.02.2002 1 1 2511 14.757.535 5.877
01.03.2002-03.03.2002 6 2 2511 5.911.449 2.354
08.03.2002-10.03.2002 12 3 2150 2.355.421 1.095
15.03.2002-17.03.2002 22 4 905 677.097 748
22.03.2002-24.03.2002 43 5 284 113.148 398
29.03.2002-31.03.2002 47 6 147 49.023 333



Sunday 10th March 2002

A shame, QotD dops to place 12 right behind "Crossroads"

Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)
Mar 8 - 10 weekend
View Last Week's Actuals
Title Dist. Weekend
# of
1 - The Time Machine D'WORKS $22,500,000 $22,500,000 1 2944
2 1 We Were Soldiers PARA $14,450,000 $40,794,000 2 3143
3 - All About the Benjamins NL $10,125,000 $10,125,000 1 1505
4 2 40 Days and 40 Nights M'MAX $7,100,000 $22,891,438 2 2399
5 3 John Q NL $6,000,000 $59,091,000 4 2382
6 4 Return to Never Land BV $4,700,000 $41,700,000 4 2498
7 5 Dragonfly UNIV $4,100,000 $24,900,000 3 2431
8 8 A Beautiful Mind UNIV $3,900,000 $144,300,000 12 1795
9 7 Big Fat Liar UIIV $3,400,000 $43,300,000 5 2074
10 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring NL $2,600,000 $291,066,000 12 1210
11 9 Crossroads PARA $2,450,000 $34,334,000 4 2173
12 6 Queen of the Damned WB $2,340,000 $27,932,000 3 2150


Monday 4th March 2002

QotD dropped from place 1 to place 6 at the US Box Office

Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)
Mar 1 - 3 weekend
View Last Week's Actuals
Title Dist. Weekend
# of
1 - We Were Soldiers PARA $20,200,000 $20,200,000 1 3143
2 - 40 Days and 40 Nights M'MAX $12,500,000 $12,500,000 1 2225
3 2 John Q NL $8,400,000 $51,075,000 3 2456
4 3 Dragonfly UNIV $6,800,000 $19,400,000 2 2507
5 4 Return to Never Land BV $6,500,000 $35,300,000 3 2618
6 1 Queen of the Damned WB $5,825,000 $23,830,000 2 2511
7 6 Big Fat Liar UIIV $4,800,000 $38,800,000 4 2232
8 7 A Beautiful Mind UNIV $4,400,000 $138,700,000 11 1962
9 5 Crossroads PARA $4,035,000 $31,179,000 3 2301
10 12 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring NL $3,125,000 $287,380,000 11 1303
11 14 The Count of Monte Cristo BV $2,400,000 $48,000,000 6 1228
12 11 Black Hawk Down SONY $2,200,000 $104,573,000 10 1532


The Playboy Review


Sunday 24th February 2002

QotD opens at Number 1!!!

Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)
Feb 22 - 24 weekend
Title Dist. Weekend
# of
1 - Queen of the Damned WB $15,155,000 $15,155,000 1 2511
2 1 John Q NL $12,525,000 $39,855,000 2 2505
3 - Dragonfly UNIV $10,400,000 $10,400,000 1 2507
4 3 Return to Never Land BV $9,000,000 $27,200,000 2 2626
5 2 Crossroads PARA $7,100,000 $26,266,000 2 2381
6 4 Big Fat Liar UIIV $6,700,000 $33,600,000 3 2437
7 6 A Beautiful Mind UNIV $5,200,000 $132,600,000 10 2069
8 7 Hart's War MGM $4,551,000 $13,872,000 2 2459
9 9 Super Troopers FOX/SEARCH $3,910,000 $12,480,000 2 1805
10 5 Collateral Damage WB $3,730,000 $34,476,000 3 2410
11 8 Black Hawk Down SONY $3,700,000 $101,407,000 9 1802
12 12 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring NL $3,550,000 $283,283,000 10 1510


I found a way to download the Music Videos


click right and save target




Monday 18th February 2002

USA Today article about QOTD

Latino Review

The sountrack will be released tomorrow 

(probably US only, now other release dates known)

The movie starts on Friday in the US and Canada



Wednesday 13th February 2002

a positive review from the Hollywood Reporter


Linkin Park's Bennington Praises Korn Singer's 'Damned' Lyrics

(2/13/02, 1 p.m. ET) -- Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington recorded vocals for "System," a song written by Jonathan Davis and Richard Gibbs for the movie Queen Of The Damned. The song was originally sung by Davis for the main character Lestat. The Korn singer's version is still in the movie, but was not included on the soundtrack, due to Davis's contract with Epic Records. Bennington replaced Davis's vocals on the soundtrack and said he paid a lot of attention to Davis's lyrics."One of the things I noticed when I was listening to the versions that he had sang over was the lyrical content of the songs that he co-wrote," he said. "I thought it was really fitting to the actual book because he does become, you know, a rock star in the book and he does perform and he sings about being a vampire and hunting upon people. So, Jonathan incorporated those things into the lyrics, which I thought was very important. And since I'm such a big fan, I have read all the books, I think I can kind of relate to Lestat a little bit more than someone who doesn't know the film or the books."

The Queen Of The Damned soundtrack is set for release February 19 and the movie hits theaters February 22.

-- Darren Davis, New York



Tuesday 12 Ferbruary 2002

A first review from "Variety" 

Anne Rice praises Aaliyah's performance


Monday 11 February 2002

 Producer Jorge Saralegui with a new and quite complete list of the International Release Dates


Wednesday 6th February 2002

Static-X & Disturbed's Draiman Featured On 'Queen' Singles

(2/5/02, 3 p.m. ET) -- Joining Static-X's "Cold" as an official single release from the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack is "Forsaken." It was co-written by Korn's Jonathan Davis and Richard Gibbs and sung by Disturbed's David Draiman.

Draiman recalled his reaction when he was asked to work on the project. "Yeah, I'll be there. I respect the hell out of Jonathan and I think he's fantastic. In fact, his first record was one of the inspirations for me to start delving into this genre of music, whatever you want to call it. Just to get a little more aggressive, a little darker, a little bit heavier," he said.

Draiman was called in after a contractual stipulation prevented Davis from appearing on the Warner Bros. soundtrack album. Davis, however, does sing the songs for the Lestat character in the film. The movie arrives in theaters February 22, and the soundtrack hits stores February 19.

Other vocalists tackling Davis's tunes include Orgy's Jay Gordon, Static-X's Wayne Static, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, and Marilyn Manson.

-- Darren Davis, New York


Friday 25th January 2002


Producer Jorge Saralegui :

"WB International is thrilled with QUEEN, and has devised its own marketing approach to the movie.  This means that the release dates for all foreign territories have been pushed back about a month, to May or June.  The only specific date that I was able to obtain is that for the UK: 31 May, the Queen's Jubilee.

The only exceptions to this rule are Asia, where it will come out somewhat sooner, and Australia - still slated for 21 March because, as Annoyedgod will attest, the film was made there.

My apologies for the delay; I know how frustrating this is."


Wednesday 23rd January 2002

Anne's first statement on the movie:

"QUEEN OF THE DAMNED is an energetic and innovative rendition of the Vampire Chronicles, featuring fine performances, and a magnificent look.  Well directed, elegant and intriguing, the film is surely destined to take its place among notable modern interpretations of vampire mythology."

Soundtrack CD Tracklisting:

1.  Not Meant For Me: Wayne Static of Static*
2.  Forsaken: David Draiman of Disturbed*
3.  System: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park*
4.  Change: Deftones
5.  Redeemer: Marilyn Manson*
6.  Dead Cell: Papa Roach
7.  Penetrate: Godhead
8.  Slept So Long: Jay Gordon of Orgy*
9.  Down with the Sickness: Disturbed
10. Cold: Static X
11. Headstrong: Earshot
12. Body Crumbles: Dry Cell
13. Excess: Tricky
14. Before I'm Dead: Kidney Thieves

* songs by Jonathan Davis and Richard Gibbs


UK Release Date change confirmed:

15th March 2002



Monday 21st January 2002

Soundtrack will be released on  February  19th

Linkin Park, Static X & Disturbed Fill In For Davis On 'Damned'

(1/21/02, 6 p.m. ET) -- Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis will not appear on the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie Queen Of The Damned due to a stipulation in his contract with Epic Records, which prevents him from working for other labels. To solve the problem, Davis and Warner Bros., the label which is putting out the movie's soundtrack, have assembled various stars of today's alternative music scene to cover the five tunes, which Davis sings in the movie as the voice of the Lestat character.Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington, Disturbed vocalist David Draiman, and Static X singer Wayne Static are set to lend vocals to the songs for the soundtrack, which is due on Warner Bros. February 22. Two other tracks are also in the works. A source told LAUNCH that there's a good chance Marilyn Manson will lend his talents to the album and cover one of the songs.

Queen Of The Damned stars the late Aaliyah as Queen Akasha and Stuart Townsend as Lestat. It opens in theaters February 22.The songs "Redeemer," "System," "Slept So Long," "Not Meant For Me," and "Forsaken" were all written to be performed by the Lestat character in the film. Davis and writing partner, former Oingo Boingo keyboardist Richard Gibbs, were joined by a full orchestra last month for the film's score.

-- Darren Davis, New York



Wednesday 16th January 2002

    News from the QotD Sountrack composer, Richard Gibbs:

"Okay, here's the big news. Warner Bros. Records is going to get behind the soundtrack in a big way. They have lined up the following artists to re-sing the five songs: Wayne from Static X is singing 'Not Meant for Me', David from Disturbed has already performed 'Forsaken', last night we recorded Chester from Linkin Park doing 'System', and tomorrow we record Jay from Orgy crooning (I use the term lightly) 'Slept So Long', and last, drum roll please, Marilyn Manson will be putting his indelible stamp on 'Redeemer'.

Not bad, huh? All produced by yours truly and Jonathan. David and Chester seriously rocked it, and the rest I'm sure will be equally awesome. Unfortunately this means that Jeff Soto is left behind, but this had nothing to do with the great job that he did. Simply a matter of assembling an all-star cast of singers that WB will get behind.

Not too bad at all." got a big update today

The flashsite is online. There you get the songs, musicvideos and pictures

On the normal html site a new section "From the Producer" is online

There you get tons of information 

    A third video is online


Real Video


Tuesday 15th January 2002

Very Interesting Chat with Cristian Manon (plays Mael in the Movie)

Debbie got the full cast list

2 Musicvideos are online!!!!

"Forsaken" and "System"

In the moment you can only stream them: 56,100 and 300 kbit/s


Windows Media Player



Real Video

System (300k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video :: Real Video
System (100k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video :: Real Video
System (56k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video Real :: Video


Friday 11th January 2002

New Cast Pictures

Fangora Magazine cover article about QotD

Tuesday 1st January 2002  - Happy New Year

Debbie made a great Interview with the QotD Producer Jorge Saralegui