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In the moment www.thevampirelestat.net is totally dedicated to the upcoming movie "Queen of the Damned"

Here's a short summary of facts:

From October 2000 till January 2001 Warner Brothers filmed the Movie 

"Queen of the damned" in Melbourne and Los Angeles (US Start 22nd February 2002)

The movie combines the Books "the Vampire Lestat" and "the Queen of the damned"

The script is not written by Anne Rice.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are not in this Movie nor any other actor from "Interview"

Lestat is played by the young irish actor Stuart Townsend and Akasha is played by R&B Singer/actress Aaliyah

Singer Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash - read more

 QotD opens at Number1


Release dates: (confirmed by Producer Jorge Saralegui, update 24 March 2002)

USA: 22 February 2002 

Canada: 22 February 2002 

Australia: 4 April 2002

Germany: 4 April 2002 

Italy: 3 May 2002

Spain: 28 June 2002

United Kingdom: 12 April 2002

France: 19 June 2002 

The complete list of international release dates



you can download the trailer now : click right and save target

Hi Res Trailer - 22.9 MB
Med Res Trailer - 11.9 MB
Lo Res Trailer - 5.78 MB

Download the Hi Res Version. It's worth the waiting

Watch the Trailer  as stream! available for Real Player and Windows Media Player

Last but not least the official Poster is online: taken from www.aaliyahonline.com

Click on the poster to get a large image

Picture Copyright Warner Bros 2001



3 Musicvideos are online!!!!

"Forsaken", "System" and "Redeemer"

In the moment you can only stream them: 56,100 and 300 kbit/s


Windows Media Player



Real Video

System (300k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video :: Real Video
System (100k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video :: Real Video
System (56k) :: Queen Of The Damned :: Video Real :: Video


Real Video




Visit the obove   "latest news" and "news archives 2000" to get the latest news, articles and pictures

In "the production" "the cast" and "the movie script" you get everything you need to know 

In "Anne Rice speaks" you can read what Anne thinks about the Movie "Interview with the Vampire" and this new project "the Queen of the damned"


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For the German visitors:

Ich arbeite an einer deutschen Seite zum Film

Ich hoffe ich kriege sie bis zum US Start des Films am 22.Februar fertig.

Die Adresse wäre www.queenofthedamned.de





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  16.3.2000            www.thevampirelestat.de is online (but empty)

  April - July 2000  the page is in work (sorry it took so long, but I was busy)

  24.7.2000            a bit of content is there. Much more will come

  25.7.2000            now you can sign my guestbook

  27.7.2000            I searched the web and found great new links

  31.7.2000            Read the first part of the script and visit the discussion forum

  11.8.2000            Stuart Townsend will definitely play Lestat

  17.8.2000            Filming will start september 27th

  24.8.2000            watch the Anne Rice Message Real Video Clip ( you have no realplayer? visit  real.com)

    7.9.2000            Join the Yahooclub 

    8.9.2000            Filming has started

 14.10.2000           Anne broke her silence. Her comment

 05.11.2000           new announced cast members

 22.11.2000           New Design ( I hope you like it )    

 25.12.2000           I hope you like my bat animation  

 05.01.2001           From July till December my page had over 2500 Visits. Fast growing.

                            Alone in December I  had nearly 1000 Visits. Thanks very much so far.

 22.02.2001           I got the german domain www.queenofthedamned.de  

                            www.thevampirelestat.de is now nearly one year online.

                            the counter is running since July 2000 with 5000 hits counted so far. thanks very much

 27.3 - 30.3.2001   Excuse me, I was offline for 4 Days. That was not my fault. My domain provider had technical problems

 21.4.2001            Complete new site design. I hope it's more informative now

 25.8.2001            Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash

 10-15.12.2001     The Official Poster and the first Trailer were released

 19.02.2002          US Soundtrack release date

 22.02.2002          US Movie release date

 24.02.2002           QOTD tops the US Boxoffice



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